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Lesser Evil Games will let you play Mr Nice Executioner guy in a few months with their upcoming RPG.

Have you ever wanted to sail the skies in a steampunk airship, trading resources, building structures and meeting giant fish gods? If so, your dreams will soon become reality as Merchant of the Skies will be sailing into early access on July 30th for Mac/PC and Linux.

The long-in-development cult thriller, A Church in the Darkness, has been revealed to be launching August 2nd. Gameplay will be that of a stealth action/adventure game. Check out a description below.

Din's Legacy comes by way of Soldak Entertainment, the enterprising minds behind a variety of creative ARPGS such as Depth's of Peril and Drox Operative.

Six Games From PAX East for Mac

(And why I keep coming back for more torment.)

DD is an exciting game. It’s a combination of a dungeon crawler, RPG, light base management (the hamlet) and an intentional harsh difficulty.

I want to start out by saying that I really enjoy top-down games. I’ve been playing them since I was a kid, with the likes of Mantra and Harry the Handsome Executive.

New Call of Duty game marches onto Mac.


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