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Embedded thumbnail for Watch awesome spells in TW: Warhammer's Battle Magic spotlight

Need some fireworks on the weekend? Then look no further to the new spotlight on Total War: Warhammers battle magic spotlight from the devs.

Grand strategy on a galactic scale.

Solve a mystery set in the 90's with Kathy Rain.

Embedded thumbnail for Enjoy 12 minutes of Wang action in Shadow Warrior 2

Yes, I can't resist making bad jokes with the title, but that aside, here's 12 minutes of Shadow Warrior 2 gameplay. Feast your eyes on the improved gameplay with a variety of melee weapons, new powers and the coop mode.

Play the "lost episode" of classic platformer Commander Keen.

Time to bring out the big guns, for the big aliens.

2D action sidescroller to release in June.

Massively popular farming/RPG simulator coming to Mac & Linux.


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