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I checked out Feral's new release of Castle of Illusion, which is a casual platformer featuring everyone's favorite (or not) childhood character, Mickey Mouse. It's lighthearted fun stuff with basic ways to defeat enemies (jump on top of them) and some decently challenging platform tricks.

Steam's list of 122 Kickstarter-backed games is pretty cool.

April 10, 2014

So I'm going to PAX East tomorrow in Boston. First time I've ever been. Not for lack of trying however. I was all set to go in 2011 but then I got violently ill just before the event. The next two years I was always out of the country when it was held.

So Transgaming recently released that XCOM shooter on the Mac. It actually came out November 27th, but they didn't post any news until December 4th. Why? Who knows. They must not want people buying their game.


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