I've had my eye on the DLC for This War of Mine entitled The Little One's for quite some time now. I've put in some 50 or 60 hours into the base game, and found it a very solid experience I keep returning to play.

GOG.com has released a new feature entitled GOG Connect.

The Banner Saga 2 has just released a fun addition in the form of Survival Mode.

NITE Team 4 [official site] is a newly proposed hacking simulator.

Goat Simulator just keeps getting more wacky with each iteration. The latest DLC entitled Waste of Space leaves behind the confines of planet earth and takes to the stars.

Satellite Reign [official site] has added a multiplayer beta update to the game! Awesome. I am currently playing this, and can verify it is very fun and worth your time.

It's time to bundle! Humble Bundle is of course, at it again with the Humble Narrative Bundle. This collection will net you a bunch of story-based games to enjoy.

Mythology-based MOBA SMITE is now available to play on Mac! Developers Hi-Rez studios are calling this a beta, but I didn't notice anything beta-like about it.

The second expansion DLC for Valhalla Hills has arrived. Have a scorching good time with Fire Mountains.

The Way is a newly released 2D puzzle-platformer available for Mac, PC & Linux. [official site]


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