Blizzard has granted yet another patch upon the Diablo III masses.

In a post on Blizzard has introduced Greymane, the latest hero to arrive in Heroes of the Storm. Greymane is a Worgen, basically Warcrafts version of Werewolves.

That Dragon, Cancer has been released on Steam for $14.99. Chronicling the emotional journey of an actual family dealing with their child's cancer, the title utilizes point-and-click segments along with personal memoirs.

A new turn-based strategy board game has been released onto Steam in the form of Tharsis.

From the game's description:

Feral has announced that Medieval II: Total War Collection will be galloping onto Steam for Mac and Linux users this January 14th.

Humble Bundle has revealed the next big title for the February monthly bundle will be horror masterpiece Alien: Isolation. You can subscribe now to unlock it instantly. Alien: Isolation of course was recently ported to Mac by Feral Interactive.

[UPDATE] Some astute Reddit users have pointed out and linked benchmarks proving that current Mac GPU's are not in fact up to snuff to support the Oculus Rift.

In a recent blog post by KillHouse Games, they talk about the latest Door Kickers news, and at the end announce that they are working on a sequel.

A Boy and his Blob will be releasing on Steam January 19th.

It's official! Psychonauts 2 is going to happen. The crowdfunding campaign on Fig passed the $3.3 million mark some hours ago, with 5 days left before the campaign is over.


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