Homefront: The Revolution has been officially confirmed to be in development for Mac & Linux.

Funktastic indie point n' click adventure series Deponia is back, this time with Deponia Doomsday. 

In a detailed post over at the Unreal Engine showcase, you can read about Hypercharge, an in-development UE4 powered shooter.

Ever wanted to sneak around in a cult in South America? Well now you can in the upcoming The Church in the Darkness. [official website]

The weird and wonderful Samorost games are back, going for number three. The trailer is full of spectacular oddness, beautiful graphics and offbeat music. I find it compelling because it is all so strange. But that is what Amanita Design has always been good at.

Frozenbyte, makes of the Trine series, have launched a demo campaign for their new Stealth game Shadwen.

SUPERHOT. SUPERHOT. SUPERHOT. It is finally here. From 7 day indie game jam project, to successful Kickstarter, SUPERHOT is available today after 2+ years of work by the developers.

Awesome! Indie survival game Flame in the Flood [official website] has been released.

From the game's description:

We reported awhile ago that Turok could be coming to Mac "soon" and now it has.

In a blog post New World Interactive have announced a new project: Insurgency: Sandstorm.

Excerpts from the blog post:


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