PAX East 2014

So I'm going to PAX East tomorrow in Boston. First time I've ever been. Not for lack of trying however. I was all set to go in 2011 but then I got violently ill just before the event. The next two years I was always out of the country when it was held. So finally in 2014 I'll get to attend!

I'm going to be meeting up with Adrian Gaucher (@nobodieshero) and attempt to cover the event together as aspiring Mac game journalists. No one has covered PAX ever to my knowledge in the Mac game realm. IMG used to cover some of the other big events I think some 10+ years ago. There's little in the way of Mac specific games at PAX, but there's plenty of indie devs who have Mac support. Blizzard will also be there with Heroes of the Storm and they always release for Mac.

So my primary goal is to attend panels and events that I can write up and cover in an interesting manner. I've got my camera and audio recorder to see if I can snag some dev interviews. I know its going to be hectic so I may end up tweeting rather than writing until the event is over. We'll see.

Wish me luck!

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