Transgaming releases XCOM Declassified, makes outrageous press release statement.

So Transgaming recently released that XCOM shooter on the Mac. It actually came out November 27th, but they didn't post any news until December 4th. Why? Who knows. They must not want people buying their game.

Anyway, the point of this post is based on a section of their press release regarding the game. It is as follows:

"We collaborated with 2K to deliver the same intensity that fans have come to expect from The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, now for the Mac platform. With sole publishing and distribution rights for the title on Mac, TransGaming continues to solidify its position as the leader in the Mac gaming market with an impressive game portfolio and our innovative Cider technology."

What have these guys been smoking? "continues to solidify its positing as *the leader* in the Mac gaming market with an *impressive game portfolio*...

Haha! Ha..The worst part is, they are serious. I gave an interview way back in 2010 ( and they were horribly corporate and stiff feeling then, and they still are now. They barely have anything to do with the Mac market, let alone be the leader. At least they could say "a leader" in the market, but no it is THE leader.

Amusing to say the least. It is nice that we have gotten some good games via Cider like the Dragon Age games and Max Payne 3, but their ports are often buggy and have poor performance in addition to being badly marketed. And they have zero interaction with the actual Mac community the way Aspyr or Feral does.

Basically I wrote all this because I'm offended by their notions of Mac dominance. That's about it.

If you really want you can get the game here:

Also I made a 3 part video of the first hour of the game, to be found here:

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