2D Cyborg battles arriving this February in Cobalt

Mojang of Minecraft fame is collaborating with a certain “Oxeye game studio” to bring us Cobalt. (Official Homepage.)

“Throughout its long development process it's become become dense with features but the main thing to learn is that you play as a cute cyborg with a passion for 2d multiplayer battles involving extreme slow-mo and combat rolls.”

There also seems to be a campaign for 1-2 players and a variety of multiplayer modes. I’m in. Have a peek at the trailer below. It offers such tidbits as “space hamsters,” “excessive slo-mo” and “rampant consumerism.” That last one is probably my favorite.

While I am probably the biggest non-fan of Minecraft there ever lived, this one from Mojang looks pretty entertaining. I plan on having a go at it with a friend or just blasting my way through multiplayer. 

There is a demo supposedly, but I couldn’t get it to run, it just crashed, so no luck there.

The game says it will also include a level editor for Mac no less. Its fairly common to have the editors be Windows only, so that’s pretty neat. Though its to specified how levels will be shared, perhaps Steam Workshop?

Cobalt will be releasing this February for PC/Mac/Linux.

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