Abathur & Mutators added to Starcraft II Coop

A new patch has been released for Starcraft II. You can get the rundown over on the SC2 blog, but the main additions I am interested in are the one's to coop. There are now weekly mutators to add extra challenge to the maps, mastery levels for Commanders at level 15, and a new commander.

The mutators themselves are a free inclusion to coop, but it will run you $4.99 to access the master of evolution. Abathur is a fun character across games (Starcraft, Heroes of the Storm) so I'm pretty happy to see him added here. His gameplay looks extremely fun, and evolving super creatures will probably never get old. I played one game, and gained 3 mastery levels, and was even more excited to discover they are global, rather than gained on a per-commander basis. You don't need the bonus skills to take on Brutal, but you will need them for the new mutator challenges added to maps.

Check out a video of Abathur in action in the coop campaign below.

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