The Banner Saga 2 adds survival mode

The Banner Saga 2 has just released a fun addition in the form of Survival Mode.

This new mode sees you taking on the challenge of 40 fights in a row, choosing from a wide variety of heroes as you see fit. You get to choose 6 for free at the start, but after this any new characters must be recruited with renown. All deaths are permanent, unlike the story mode, making strategy paramount. I imagine it would be a good idea to keep some spare renown on hand as well, in case you have to recruit someone in a hurry.

I just played through 4 fight/missions in a row and it quite fun. I recommend you try it out.

How do I access Survival Mode? 
    •    Right click Banner Saga 2 in your Steam Library
    •    Click on Properties
    •    Navigate to the “BETAS” tab
    •    Use the dropdown menu to select “survival” branch
    •    Download the Update
    •    Launch Banner Saga 2
    •    Click on the “Survival Mode” banner

If you enjoy pure combat (and face it, it is quite good in this game) then the survival mode is the way to go for you. I'm glad they added this, almost like The Banner Saga: Factions, without the multiplayer aspect. I'm digging it.

You can purchase The Banner Saga 2 on Steam for $19.99.


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