Greymane joins Heroes of the Storm

In a post on Blizzard has introduced Greymane, the latest hero to arrive in Heroes of the Storm. Greymane is a Worgen, basically Warcrafts version of Werewolves. As such, Greymane has two forms - Human where he is ranged, and Worgen, where he is melee. He can switch between the two frequently as the needs of combat dictate.

I've played 5 games with already, and won 4 of them. He's incredibly fun, but lacks defense. As such, he needs heavy support backup to survive. Unlike Lunara, who is fun, but not viable right now in the meta, Greymane will definitely see some play. Strong versatility and unique mechanics certainly will guarantee him a spot, even in competitive matches.

Have a gander at Greymane's abilities overview in the trailer below.

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