Handmade adventure game Jenny Leclue looks great

The product of a successful Kickstarter in 2015, Jenny Leclue Detectivu [official site] looks like it's shaping up to be an incredible adventure game.  

You play of course as the titular Jenny Leclue living in a boring town. Boring that is, until your mother is accused of murder and you must put all your skills to the test to find the real killer and uncover the town's dark secrets.

The game features a lot of fun looking elements, such as a highly interactive world, significant choices that change the story, and dialogue "with a twist" that lets you observe subjects for clues. The hand drawn style is easy on the eyes as well.

Inexplicably, all the trailers are hosted on Vimeo, so you can check out a teaser here.

Jenny Leclue - Detectivu is set to release in 2016 for $14.99. You can pre-order the game right now if you wish.

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