NITE Team 4 is a cool hacking simulator

NITE Team 4 [official site] is a newly proposed hacking simulator. Some kind of spin-off from The Black Watchmen alternate-reality-game, it see's you commanding an authentic-feeling hacking experience.

I just finished playing through the whole demo, which took me about an hour. As someone who enjoys hacking style games such as the old Uplink and the more recent Hacknet, this is right up my alley. I found some of the progression to be rather obtuse, but perhaps this part of the game design. There's some trial and error involved to be sure, as well as frequent consulting of the game's "help" command. Still once you understand which commands to use, you will be bouncing around IP addresses and exploiting firewalls with ease.

I'm not entirely sold on the concept of mini-games to represent some of the aspects such as bypassing the firewalls or decrypting data. I understand it needs some kind of way in the game to display the process, but it can be kind of jarring compared to the straight up "hacking" commands which feel very smooth. Still, if you've enjoyed other hacking games in the past I recommend you keep an eye on this one.

You can vote for NITE Team 4 on Steam Greenlight and be sure to download the demo from the website to check it out.

Enjoy the teaser trailer below.

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