Save the world with a Boy and his Blob this January

A Boy and his Blob will be releasing on Steam January 19th.

A Boy and His Blob makes its triumphant return! A reimagining of the NES classic, as the boy, you feed your blob jelly beans and watch him transform into cool and useful objects to solve puzzles and escape danger. With its robust and emotionally driven story, challenging puzzles, and visually impressive art style, A Boy and His Blob is sure to become a classic once again.

"When Blobolonia is threatened by an evil Emperor, the blob comes to Earth looking for help. Instead, he finds a young boy. Help the blob dethrone the evil Emperor that's terrorizing Blobolonia and establish a friendship with the blob that will last a lifetime.​"

Okay, so you won't be saving our world, but rather "Blobolonia." Still, I'm sure it's very serious. I must confess I am somewhat dubious as to how emotional this game will be given its content, but I'll be happy to give it the benefit of the doubt. 


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