Space Tower Defense game Infinium Strike coming this Summer

A new tower defense game has been announced for PC/Mac/Linux, set to release in Q2 2016. Infinium Strike, which has a definite air of Battlestar Galactica about it, is a tower defense game set in space. It see's you defending 4 different sides of your ship from attack with various turrets and abilities against aliens.

From the game's description:

Set in the distant future, a group of aliens known as the Wrog will stop at nothing to annihilate mankind. Players will assume the role of the weapons officer on the Freedom Strike, the battlecarrier that is humanity's last hope, and will have an arsenal of weapons, spaceships and cutting-edge technologies to defeat the Wrog.

Tower defense games can be pretty fun. They can also be pretty boring, depending on the design. I'm a sucker for all things space though, so I'm definitely going to be checking this one out.

Have a peek at the trailer below.

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