Toy Soldiers: Action-figure shooter Hypercharge in development

In a detailed post over at the Unreal Engine showcase, you can read about Hypercharge, an in-development UE4 powered shooter. DIgital Cybercherries recently won the Unreal Dev Grant award, allowing them to fully commit to bringing their (and my) childhood dreams to life in game form. Hypercharge will be a 1st/3rd person co-op/multiplayer experience. 


In Hypercharge, players will craft crazy combinations of parts from a variety of toys, not just your standard heroes, to ensure that your wildest childhood fantasies are fully realized in a fun and frantic environment that includes multiple land, air and naval vehicles such as a drone and a remote controlled jeep. Best of all, you won’t even have to clean up when you’re done.

As someone who spent endless hours with G.I. Joe's and other toys as a child this looks really fun to me. Quite a unique concept. We will have to wait awhile I suspect before it actually releases, but in the meantime you can look at the official website for more screenshots and follow them on social media. Mac and Linux are confirmed platforms, so that is encouraging.

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