Trine to get sneaky: Frozenbyte releases Shadwen demo

Frozenbyte, makes of the Trine series, have launched a demo campaign for their new Stealth game Shadwen.

Playing the demo will effect the launch price of the game. It seems to have already gone down $7, though I have to imagine there is a stopping point. If even people play it, it would become free entirely. While that seems unlikely, it could be possible.

But what is this game all about? Apparently you play as a female assassin named  Shadwen. But who you are trying to assassinate or why is not yet known. The game features a grappling hook (of course) lots of stealth, physics (what else from Frozenbyte?) and apparently you can even rewind time. I'm not sure how that one is explained in game terms. You can also setup traps and hazards to bypass or kill guards. Seems interesting, and I'll have some impressions and video up later.

To find out more about Shadwen and choose where to download the demo, visit the official website.

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