Latest Humble Bundle features Firaxis Games

The ever-awesome Humble Bundle is now featuring a sweet Firaxis Games bundle.

If you are somehow unfamiliar with the name, Firaxis are the makers of the long running Civilization series, as well as the explosive new XCOM: Enemy Unknown game.

You can pay $1 or more to unlock: XCOM: Enemy Unknown. There's more games there, but not Mac-compatible. To get the rest of the Mac goodness, you will have to shell out more than the average (currently ($9.55) to land yourself Civ IV, Civ V, Sid Meier's Starships, and the XCOM DLC. $15 or more nets you the whole package, adding Civilization: Beyond Earth, a map pack and a coupon for the Beyond Earth expansion pack.

Man, remember when Humble Bundle was the Humble Indie Bundle? These guys have come a long way from their small start. I think what I miss most is the rhyming-intro trailers narrated by John Graham. Those things were epic. Also the music was great.

With XCOM 2's release coming up in a few weeks, this is the perfect time to treat yourself to the first game on the cheap. You can bother with all that Civilizing stuff too if you want, but I'll stick to defending the earth from aliens.

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