Total War: WARHAMMER - Dwarfs Campaign Walkthrough

Behold, yet another WARHAMMER video! This time featuring the dwarves. Previously the Empire and the Greenskins were shown off.

Total War: WARHAMMER is shaping up to be what I think could be my favorite RTS/turn-based hybrid in years. I've never been able to get into the Total War games before. But I am such a big WARHAMMER fan, than this looks like an easy shoo-in for me. Time will tell of course, as well as Mac performance, as that has been shaky before for us Apple users. SteamOS support is also in the works, so no one will be left out of the fantasy awesomeness that surely awaits us.

You can find out more about Total War: WARHAMMER on Steam. The game is set to release May 24th.

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