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MacGameCast Staff Writers & Content Creators

Jon Carr's picture
Writer Bio:
Creator and Maintainer of the MacGameCast website. Freelances for MacWorld UK & The GameAgent Blog. When not managing the legion of writers at his command he is probably scheming world domination and/or doing what he can to further mac gaming community.
Sean Park's picture
Writer Bio:
Sean Park is a student at NYU who hopes to make a living writing about video games. He enjoys spending time playing co-op games with his brother and trashing talking with his friends in CS:GO. He's currently trying to 100% Enter the Gungeon.
Ryan Tamm's picture
Writer Bio:
Ryan "RJ" Tamm is a tech and games enthusiast and journalist with a caffeine problem and the attention span of a goldfish. In fact he's probably playing Team Fortress or Counter Strike instead of actually working right now.
James Conway's picture
Writer Bio:
I enjoy traveling and living in beautiful, exotic locations...and playing games there. But not on a phone. Never a phone.
Kris Ellis's picture
Writer Bio:
Kris Ellis is a part-time retail worker and artist who spends her free time playing games, painting and harassing her small dog Lulu for puppy kisses. When not creating things to beautify the world she can be found harassing her husband for cuddles.
Colby Butler's picture
Writer Bio:
Colby Butler is a life long video gaming enthusiast, system administrator, all-around digital shaman, and freelancer of all-the-things. When not sitting in front of his Macbook, he's probably trying to increase his lifespan with healthy food and exercise.
Rampancy's picture
Writer Bio:
rampancy is a freelance enthusiast Mac game journalist, who enjoys coffee, indie games, and retro games.
Eveline Frei's picture
Writer Bio:
The resident expert on alternate methods of Mac gaming!
Hugh Thomas's picture
Writer Bio:
Hugh writes about stuff, which occasionally includes video games. He's also 100% biodegradable.
Alec Foxtra's picture
Writer Bio:
Graphic Designer and Game Developer
Sam Durston's picture
Writer Bio:
Sam Durston is a freelance writer for Mac Game Cast and avid contributor at the Inside Mac Games forum. He enjoys focusing on the technical side of gaming such as the hardware, graphics engines, and API's that make everything possible.

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