Feb 17

Return of the iMac (Mine that is)

Written by Jon Carr Read 1 time

So as I've mentioned in my last few posts, my new iMac has been out for repairs. Not anymore! I finally got it back a few days ago after months of annoyance, agony and absurd incompetence from my local Apple Authorized Reseller. I'm not sure how they also got authorized to repair any Apple products because their inability to fix my machine was staggering. What should have taken 7-10 days literally took 50. But there's little use in moaning about the past, instead looking forward to the future is much better!

And what future is that you might ask? Well I can finally start streaming and making videos again for the MGC youtube. I can also play whatever I want on Mac and Bootcamp which is nice. But lately I've been too busy with writers and upgrading the site's backend systems to do much of anything else. But I'm back online baby, and I'm going to start cranking out cool content shortly :)

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