Mar 11

So I got a gamepad

Written by Jon Carr Read 1 time

As the title of this post so astutely states, I have a gamepad. An Xbox 360 wireless controller to be precise. If you don't know me this wouldn't be significant. But if you did know me, you would understand that I've spent the last several years decrying, and otherwise avoiding gamepads for anything on a computer. So the fact that I now have one is curiously monumental in some fashion. Why would I get one? Mostly because I thought it would help me play Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Alas it did not. Secondly I got it because I was anticipating Dirt 3 to be out by now and I wanted to be able to sit back away from screen and casually zip around the tracks. I have a racing wheel too, but I don't always want to use that. Thirdly, I thought I would be playing the indie racer Distance, but it turns out they won't give me a preview code so I'll have to buy it.

On the upside it is great to play Castle Crashers with, and perhaps other sidescrolling games. One thing I will never do is play a shooter with a controller. That's just silly. 

Given I have one of these things, I'll put up a guide or two since I had to wrangle some drivers to get it working. 

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