Apr 07


Written by Jon Carr Read 1 time

So I've been working on a variety of reviews lately and its been fun. I did the Chivalry review and I finished two hardware reviews but I'm out of time to post them as I have to dash off to my day job. 

I'm always tweaking the site here and there. I know there are some unfinished areas on the site so I plan on tidying those up tonight so everything is consistent and uniform in its presentation.

I really have a near endless task lisk, but I don't find this discouraging. On the contrary, I find it inspiring and I enjoy chipping away at it constantly.

I also have multiple giveaways coming up! Dirt 3, Heroes of the Storm and more. I have to decide how to do these, via the site here or FaceBook. Most likely the FB as they have nifty giveaway apps available. 

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