Feb 04

What I like about Dying Light (and what I don't.)

Written by Jon Carr Read 1 time

So I’ve played Dying Light for about 24 hours according to my Steam library. The game is immensely fun overall, though I have a few gripes. I thought to list what I like, and what I do not.


• The parkour is fantastic. It's nearly on par with Mirrors Edge and that's saying something. The sense of momentum as you dash about the city makes you feel fast, and pulling off tricky moves or saving yourself from near-death is thrilling. As you unlock higher agility skills and the grappling hook, it gets even better.

• Zombie killing never gets old. While the melee combat isn't quite as intricate as Dead Island, it is close enough to be good. On the other hand you have a variety of physical tricks to deal with zombies, such as sliding to trip them, vaulting over them, kills from the air, area-of-effect attacks with 2 handed weapons, and my personal favorite, the drop-kick which when upgraded, can send zombies flying a good 20 feet or more. Score! You can also later learn stealth attacks and camouflage which enables you go to on a zombie-neck-breaking spree with reckless abandon.

• Day/night cycle keeps things dynamic, and the gameplay changes at night as navigation becomes more difficult, and the scary Volatiles make their appearance. Be prepared to run...fast.

• Humorous NPC's - There's quite a lot of amusement to be found listening and talking to the various NPC's about the world. My friends and I found ourselves laughing often.

• Graphics - This games looks amazing, even on low settings. (Once I get my computer back from being fixed I'll be able to crank it up to max. Can't wait.)


• I occasionally get one-shotted by a regular zombie, even at 100+ health. I have no idea why this happens or if it is some kind of glitch. All I know is, losing 2,400 survivor points sucks.

• Joining coop games (or having people join yours) is frequently glitchy. I often have to quit/open my game for it to work.

• While the melee weapons in the game receive plenty of attention in the way of variety and upgrades, the guns in the game are largely ignored. There's a big missed opportunity here to spice up the gunplay by adding a few more weapons (an SMG would be nice, as well as a pump-action shotgun) but mostly weapon modifications. I don't expect elemental mods like in Dead Island, but I would expect more grounded things. How about an extended mag for a pistol? A night-vision scope for the police rifle? Maybe a laser pointer or UV-flashlight attachment? an underhand grenade launcher that can be fed with your own DIY grenades? Explosive shotgun rounds? (they do exist.) I don't want this game to turn into a shooter, I just want more options on the guns.

That's all for now. I may even end up reviewing this bad boy on the blog.

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