Soldak Entertainments latest offering, Din's Legacy, now has a demo available for anyone to download. At 340mb it's easy on the bandwidth and won't take long to fire up.

The hotly anticipated Wasteland 3 has just dropped a new trailer on us. Much like a nuclear bomb, it's full of violence and radiation. Unlike a nuke however, it details a really slick new UI, characater and inventory management screens.

Empire of Sin, or as I like to call it: Gangster XCOM, has released a snazzy new story trailer showcasing the story, characters, combat, and managing your criminal empire.

I had no idea a XIII remake was happening. It was one of my favorite shooters from the early 2000's, featuring a unique cel shaded look with stylish presentation and a fun thriller style story about an assassin who lost his memory.

Rejoice Trine fans, for Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is going to haunt your dreams October 8th. Not only that, but the Trine Ultimate Collection which is going to include all four games in the series will launch alongside it.

The Developers of the upcoming ominous RPG, The Executioner, have revealed the game will be releasing on September 25th.

Have you ever wanted to sail the skies in a steampunk airship, trading resources, building structures and meeting giant fish gods? If so, your dreams will soon become reality as Merchant of the Skies will be sailing into early access on July 30th for Mac/PC and Linux.

The long-in-development cult thriller, A Church in the Darkness, has been revealed to be launching August 2nd. Gameplay will be that of a stealth action/adventure game. Check out a description below.

In a surprise move, Aspyr Media has released Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for Mac! You can get it from Aspyr for $60.

If you enjoy platform adventures, you are in for a treat: Forgotton Anne just received an update today that added support for Mac.


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