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Hello! My name is Jon Carr - Mac gaming journalist, enthusiast and editor/host of the MGC podcast and website. I love writing about Mac games in every possible area. I’d love to have some more people writing too! I have a lot going on. I have written for Inside Mac Games,  MacWorld UK, the MacGameStore and RocketYard Blog. I also beta-test for the Humble Bundle. My point is at any given time I have a lot going on, and I need help growing this site.

Do you like to write? Have you ever thought about writing about Mac games? If so, read on!

Who I am looking for

I am looking for anyone who can write at least decently. Novice writers are welcome, as are already talented wordsmiths. I can be an editor as required, in addition to giving some writing tips to those who need them, so don’t be intimidated! This isn’t a professional website..at least not yet ;)

I don’t just want a writer or two to churn out reviews. While that has a certain amount of value, (and I won’t say no to it, if that’s all you want or can do) I am looking for journalists. If you aren’t a journalist, I’ll make one out of you! A journalist does much more than write reviews. They dig into the world of Mac gaming and find what is interesting, and cover it. They foster the relationship between developer and gamer, and bridge the gaps that often occur. 

The most important thing however, is that I am looking for people who can write with style, with flair, that can be entertaining or humorous. Obviously you don’t have to be all these things at once, but I want people who will take writing, or take an assignment, and make it their own. I want your voice and your thoughts to be heard. I don’t want static, boring pieces spit out. Be opinionated and be yourself. That is both interesting to me, and definitely more interesting to readers.

Every Mac gamer has a voice, what is yours? 

Perks of being a writer here: 

  • I am willing to pay people a nominal fee (somewhere in the range of $5, possibly a bit more) for quality, consistent work. I realize this isn’t much, but keep in mind no other Mac gaming site pays anyone, they are all volunteer. When I can afford more, I’ll gladly pay writers more! (Although if you are a rich blighter, feel free to volunteer.)
  • Censor-free. Outside of ensuring a piece reads smoothly and cleanly, there shouldn't be any reason to modify your work.
  • Direct access. If you can prove you do not require oversight or editing, you will have the requisite permissions to directly publish content as you have it. (Including any absurd images you may wish to include with it.)
  • Your own blog to write about anything you please so long as it is game related. Interesting pieces will get put on the front page. 
  • Free games! I get a fair amount of codes to review games. You will too in exchange for a review.
  • The option to co-host or partake in the MGC Podcasts.
  • The joy of helping out the small, but awesome Mac gaming community!

Open positions and areas of interest

Before I get into what I am looking for, I want to say that I am open to ideas from you. I want this site to grow into a community, and be for the community, and by the community. This means if you have a writing idea, I want to hear it. If you want a column to consistently write about a certain section of gaming, you’ll have it! 

I am looking for people to provide content in one or more of the following areas: 

Staff Writing

  • News
  • Reviews
  • Previews
  • Interviews (Email/podcast)
  • Features/Column writing


  • Gaming Wallpapers
  • Community polls
  • Cool threads from Mac gaming Reddit/Macrumors/IMG
  • Sales/deals alerts
  • Game guides / tips & tricks
  • Cider/WINE how-to’s


  • Kickstarter beat (KS games worth backing)
  • Steam Greenlight (stuff worth voting on)
  • Steam Early-Access impressions/previews


  • Facebook/Twitter management (i.e posting of links) 
  • Videos! (You will have access to the MGC youtube channel for direct uploads)
  • Contests/Giveaways

How to Apply

If any of the above interests you, just head over to the Contact Form and select “Writer Application” in the category. Submit what you are interested in (or ideas you may have.) If you have any links to previous work, please provide those. If you want a try-out, I can provide a variety of test-assignments to see how it goes.

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