Fortnite Battle Royale adds 50vs50 mode

Fortnite, Epic Games PVE/PVP shooter has just announced a limited-time 50vs50 mode for the Battle Royale section of the game. While the campaign version of the game will cost you, the Battle Royale is completely free. Head over to the official website to download the game.

In a blog post Epic details the events of the action. The event runs from December 8th through December 17th, so if you’re interested you will have to give it a go before then. However, they add that in the future they will be running more events and limited-time modes to keep things interesting.

There are some special rules to the proceedings, such as friendly fire being off and being able to revive any friendly teammates. Under normal game rules the proceedings are 1vs99 or you can squad up to 4 people. The 50vs50 is definitely an interesting experiment of the games default play.

Watch the suitable exciting trailer below!