New expansion announced for Civilization VI

Good news Civilization fans: 2K and Firaxis have announced an upcoming expansion for Civ VI, entitled "Rise and Fall." You can get all the details in the extended post over here.

There are significant changes coming to gameplay with this expansion, such as the concept of ages, causing nations to prosper or despair, in addition to adding more storytelling and historic moments. There's more complex diplomacy as well, with enhanced alliances and loyalty. And of course, there will be new leaders and civilizations to enjoy.

While the PC release date has been schedule for February 8th, 2018 a Mac version launch date has yet to be announced. I asked Aspyr for a quote and they told me this: 

"We don't anything to announce at this time. That said, it is always our goal to bring Civilization VI content to Mac and Linux as soon as it is available".

So don't despair Mac Civilization devotees, Aspyr has always brought new Civ content to Mac as soon as they can, often in a timely fashion.I'm sure we'll hear more early next year. In the meantime have a gander at the teaser trailer below.