SMITE now available for Mac

Mythology-based MOBA SMITE is now available to play on Mac! Developers Hi-Rez studios are calling this a beta, but I didn't notice anything beta-like about it.

As a long-time MOBA player I find this exciting. Many other games of this type are available on Mac, but what sets SMITE apart is not only its setting of ancient gods, but also that it is played in 3rd person, instead of the standard top-down style of other similar games. SMITE also has many different game modes available over the standard 3-lane 5vs5 map. Arena for example, see's you in a big coliseum in a team deathmatch. There is also a smaller 1 lane map with 3vs3. Variety is always nice.

SMITE is free to play, which means you can hop right in, but have limited gods available to you. It seems to give you a few of them for free to get started, but after that you will have to rely on weekly rotations to try out new characters. The currency to unlock new gods permanently does seem pretty decent though.

I've played a few matches and can say it is pretty fun, and runs very smoothly on my Mac. I did have some initial problems trying to login, but a game update was released that solved the problem.

SMITE is free to play on Steam, or you can unlock all current and future gods with the $29.99 DLC.

Enjoy a cinematic trailer below.

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