Text-based RPG, The Executioner to release September 25th

The Developers of the upcoming ominous RPG, The Executioner, have revealed the game will be releasing on September 25th.

Described as an "RPG Thriller" players will take on the grim role of the Executioner whose jobs seem to range from torture, detective work, shady corpse trading and more. Gameplay appears to be text-based.

"The Executioner is a grim, occasionally cruel game that takes place in a Kingdom on the brink of revolution. It tells the story of a man who inherited his father's trade: to torture and execute criminals in the name of the Crown and for the amusement of the bloodthirsty masses. In his spare time, the Executioner attempts to clear his own conscience investigating his victims' crimes."

You can out more about Lesser Evil Games on their website and find the game on Steam.