Top-down cyberpunk shooter Ruiner out later this year

Hello! Do you like top down shooters? Grim cyberpunk futures? Lot's of crazy killing and sweet dodge moves? If so, then the upcoming Ruiner [official site] by Reikon Games has you covered.

The gameplay shown off demonstrates tricky duels involving use of nifty gadgets such as an energy shield, a dash move and even the ability to slow time. What I found most interesting is that even the basic level enemies also have access to fancy slidey moves and shields to block your bullets. It seems you can combo your tricks in  interesting ways, such as shield bashing enemies, or just juking into them for some slice and dice with your sword.

I'm pretty unclear about what the story is so far, but it looks interesting nonetheless.

Ruiner is scheduled to be released later this year for Mac, Linux and Windows. In the meantime, check out 15 minutes of gameplay footage below, taken from PAX East.