Enjoy the cold and radiation in this Wasteland 3 trailer

The hotly anticipated Wasteland 3 has just dropped a new trailer on us. Much like a nuclear bomb, it's full of violence and radiation. Unlike a nuke however, it details a really slick new UI, characater and inventory management screens. As a big fan of Wasteland 2, I'm really hyped for the 3rd entry, the upgraded visuals, change of scenery and revamped combat and dialogue look awesome.

"The legendary series, which pioneered the post-apocalypse genre in video games, returns players to the role of Desert Rangers, lawmen in a post-nuclear world working to rebuild civilization from the ashes. Trading the dry, dusty heat of the American southwest for a perpetually frozen Colorado, Wasteland 3 features a number of chilling new locations where the Rangers receive an even frostier reception from the locals."

Wasteland 3 is set to release on all major platforms, including Mac, in Spring 2020. To find out more about Wasteland 3, visit the game's home online.