Wasteland 3 patched, Expansion launching soon

Wintery post-apocalyptic romp Wasteland 3 received a big patch a few days ago. Alongside the usual slew of bug fixes are some notable new features.

Crafting has been added to the game, so now you can create all manner of useful or strange items on the fly. Ammo? Sure. Medkits? Why not. Frozen ferrets? Of course. Wait what? You'll need some points into "Weird Science" to make the most of the new crafting.

Fans of non-human interactions can rejoice, as animal taming has been added to the game, making use of the updated Animal Whisperer skill. Previously it could be used to temporarily charm beasts in combat. But now, not only can you interact with animals in new ways, you can tame all varieties of beasties who will permanently follow you around, aiding in combat and providing passive bonuses. There's even a menagerie building outside your HQ you can use to store and retrieve various pets. Cool!

If you're new to Wasteland 3, or already completed it, you can rejoice as more content is on the way. The expansion "The Battle of Steeltown" is slated to launch June 3rd, and will be the first of two expansions for the game.