Given the sheer amount of games being released it is impossible to keep up and review every available game. MacGameCast is dedicated to bringing you fair reviews in a wide variety of genres.

MGC obtains reviews in a variety of ways. If a press/review copy is available, that is used. If not, the game is bought directly by the editor or staff writer.

MGC uses a rating system of 1-5 stars for reviews. This strikes a good balance between having a review score, but avoiding the drama of a 1-10 rating.

Star Ratings Guide: 

1 Star: A badly made or broken game not worth your time and money.

2 Stars: Some decent ideas or mechanics, but covered by flaws and problems.

3 Stars: A good game or piece of hardware with a few issues that can be overlooked by competent gameplay or design.

4 Stars: An excellent game or product that should not be overlooked. Seriously consider adding this to your library.

5 Stars: The best of the best, this game or product is an absolute must-have.

We would never take money or some other form of benefit in exchange for a high review score of a title.



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